ESPRi Working Papers

Comparing the EU Emissions Trading System and the US Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: Is There Compatibility Across the Ocean?

Author: Paweł Pustelnik, ESPRi Working Paper no. 3, May 2013 The main aim of this article is to analyze compatibilities for linking of two independent emissions trading schemes: European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Given the fact that both schemes are based on a cap-and-trade principle, they offer […]

Heating up the Conflict: A research proposition for investigating the influence of climate change on violent conflict

Author: Marcin Orzechowski, ESPRi Working Paper No. 2, September 2012 The main aim of this article is to present a possible framework for investigating the effects of climate change on conflict. Recent literature on climate change and conflict mostly ignores the effects of contextual factors – political, economic and social conditions in a given country […]

The River that Divided a Nation: Rhetoric, Environmental Activism and the Political Controversy Over the Rospuda River Valley in Poland

Authors: Julia Ziemińska and Kacper Szulecki, ESPRi Working Paper no. 1, April 2010 Are environmental norms uniform in the EU and if yes – how does that happen? This article demonstrates the process through which norms are transnationally enforced in Europe. It also engages in a theoretical discussion with constructivist research on normative change, arguing […]

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