Conspiracy theories and the energy transition

Kacper Szulecki gave a keynote lecture at a webinar hosted by TU Delft, entitled “Conspiracy theories and the energy transition Russian oil conspiracies, The blackout myth and Governance through fear” The effects of conspiracy thinking on climate change attitudes are larger than previously argued (Uscinski and Olivella 2017). Yet the impact of conspiracy theories onto […]

European Green Deal: between ambition and feasibility

The Von der Leyen Commission displays unprecedented environmental policy ambitions and appears to be the greenest in EU history. However, it is also facing challenges of overwhelming magnitude, and it will work under societal pressure unseen in this policy area. Can its flagship European Green Deal deliver?  by Kacper Szulecki —16 January 2020 Image courtesy of Fridays […]

A new article on the history of Poland’s environmental​ movement

ESPRi’s Julia Szulecki and Kacper Szulecki published an article entitled “Between domestic politics and ecological crises: (De)legitimization of Polish environmentalism” in the high impact journal Environmental Politics. The article is available in Open Access. An earlier version of the paper, richer in historical detail, appeared in 2017 as an ESPRi Working Paper 6/2017.

“Politics and Governance” special issue on EU climate and energy policy

 ESPRI’s Kacper Szulecki has co-edited (with Dag Harald Claes) the special issue of Politics and Governance on “EU Energy Policy: Towards a Clean Energy Transition?”. The entire issue is available in open access on the journal’s website. For over a decade, the EU has displayed an interest and political motivation to integrate climate policy priorities into […]

Analyzing Poland’s carbon forestry initiatives: strengthening or replacing climate policy?

  On 18 February, Julia Szulecka and Kacper Szulecki presented a paper entitled “A Climate Skeptical Mitigation Policy? Explaining Poland’s Carbon Forestry Two-Level Game” at the international workshop “Anatomy of Disbelief – Analysing Climate Scepticism” hosted by the Jagiellonian University, Krakow. After 2015, Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, most notably the environment minister Jan […]

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