Journal Articles

Energy democracy as a process, an outcome and a goal: A conceptual review

Authors: Kacper Szulecki & Indra Overland Journal Article in: Energy Research & Social Science (2020) . ‘Energy democracy’ has evolved from a slogan used by activists demanding a greater say in energy-related decision-making to a term used in policy documents and scholarly literature on energy governance and energy transitions. This article reviews the academic literature using […]

What’s next for the European coal heartland? Exploring the future of coal as presented in German, Polish and Czech press

Authors: Jan Osička, Jörg Kemmerzell, et al. Journal Article in: Energy Research & Social Science (2020) This article addresses the future of coal in the European coal heartland, i.e. in the area of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, which together account for nearly 57% of coal consumption and 87% of coal-mining jobs in […]

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