Between domestic politics and ecological crises: (De)legitimization of Polish environmentalism

Authors: Julia Szulecka and Kacper Szulecki, Journal Article published in: Environmental Politics (forthcoming 2020) (available in Open Accesss)DOI: 10.1080/09644016.2019.1674541  While political environmentalism played an important role in social mobilization against communist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe before 1989, throughout the 1990s and early 2000s conservationism appeared to be in decline across the region, and external pressure from European […]

Polish Environmental Movement 1980-2017 (De)legitimization, Politics & Ecological Crises

Authors: Julia Szulecka and Kacper Szulecki; ESPRi Working Paper No. 6, 2017; Available in Open Access Why has the Polish government decided to give in to environmental protesters in the widely publicised case of the Rospuda River (2006-2007) but chooses to ignore both EU pressure and domestic activism the ongoing protests against the logging of the […]

Analyzing Poland’s carbon forestry initiatives: strengthening or replacing climate policy?

  On 18 February, Julia Szulecka and Kacper Szulecki presented a paper entitled “A Climate Skeptical Mitigation Policy? Explaining Poland’s Carbon Forestry Two-Level Game” at the international workshop “Anatomy of Disbelief – Analysing Climate Scepticism” hosted by the Jagiellonian University, Krakow. After 2015, Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, most notably the environment minister Jan […]

Introducing the Forest Monitor: A great source of knowledge on Polish, European and international forestry

We would like to draw your attention to a very interesting English-language forestry blog: the Forest Monitor, established by Dr. Rafał Chudy (currently a Senior Analyst at New Forests, Sydney). The “first blog for forest geeks” covers a wide range of forestry-related topics, from political economy, forests’ role in climate policy all the way to the […]

Julia Szulecka’s guest column on carbon forestry in Poland’s popular watchdog daily

Poland is seen as a climate policy laggard and has recently been under a lot of international pressure due to the continued logging of the precious Bialowieza Forest. Meanwhile, the Minister of Environment boasts about the country’s uniquely sustainable forestry practices and introduces Forest Carbon Farms as an innovative tool for climate change mitigation. In […]

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