Bioeconomy and Waste


The bioeconomy is the production, utilization, and conservation of biological resources, including related knowledge, science, technology, and innovation, to provide information, products, processes and services across all economic sectors aiming toward a sustainable economy (Global Bioeconomy Summit, 2018). As planetary resources are by definition finite, resource efficiency, recycling and finally, the idea of a “circular economy” where nothing that can possibly be reused is lost, have been gaining prominence in recent years. Waste is the obvious object of attention – hazardous, toxic or radioactive waste is one of the first problems the environmental movement had to deal with. On the other hand, most waste can be innovatively reused so as to avoid losing important value. Food waste, which is not merely the result of a market failure but a wicked problem which combines social, economic, cultural and moral dimensions, is one of the topics ESPRi is particularly interested in.

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